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About the Crop Doctor

We are a consulting company that has over 30yrs experience in soil and crop improvement, who are committed to the improvement of the sustainability and economic viability of Australian farming for today and the future. We understand the many pressures that the global markets place on the growing of quality produce. We appreciate the often perplexing balance of the continued requirements to reduce production costs, when we have escalating chemical, fertilizer, fuel costs. Droughts and other non controllable factors that make it vital that we can access reliable information. We believe that to achieve this, the balance of our soils physical, chemical and biological must be addressed.

We understand the need to integrate the best of the conventional and biological principals into best practice management programs that will halt the decline in our soils and returns from the land. Science has proven over time that there is a direct link between soil health, plant disease, pest resistance and the production of quality produce and animals.

Our access to a large body of scientific research and our partnerships with world wide companies that have the latest in manufacturing technologies, gives us knowledge, expertise and resources that can assist the man on the land develop crop management systems that will provide a platform to build sustainable programs.