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Crop Programs

Zucchini Crop Northern NSW

Using nature's natural control of disease...

Mosaic Virus attacks a Zucchini crop

Disease controlled without the use of synthetic chemicals.

The same crop following weekly irrigations with a mixture of BioBrew Growth, BioBrew Harvest and BioBrew Soil. This mixture supplied a balance of biologically complexed nutrients plus a diverse range of beneficial biology.


One of the challenges with growing cotton is it’s susceptibility root diseases such as Black Root Rot, large bodies of research and our experience in other crops has shown that a healthy balance of the soil chemical and biological components will combat the disease in two ways.

  1. The beneficial soil fungi out number and suppress the pathogenic fungi.
  2. The nutrient balance in the plant will supply the necessary components for the plant to manufacture biochemical inhibitors to fight any injury caused by the disease.

Even when the crop has grown through the disease the latent effects of the disease are still present and can limit the yield potential, applications of biologically brewed products that will supply the plant with natural hormones, enzymes, amino acids and balanced nutrition, gives the plant ammunition to resist the effects of the disease and the energy required to build the carbohydrates required for improved fruiting. (See Zucchini crop in plant health section)

Nutrient supply

Even if soil diseases are not present the availability of functional nutrients is the key to healthy productive crops.

One of the many advantages of good diverse soil microbiology is the greater nutrient cycling. A big winner is the supply of nitrogen, the ability of certain bacteria to fix atmospheric nitrogen and the natural turnover of soil biology, (see Biological dimension) and can supply up to 80units of N per hectare thus dramatically reduce the required input of chemical nitrogen fertilisers. Phosphate and calcium are the foundation building blocks of all life, phosphate is the key to energy transfer, it is mainly fungi that unlock the soils phosphorous reserves, high levels of water soluble acidic phosphates suppress soil fungi and limit their activity.

Our Natural Balanced Fertility programs have been shown to produce the soil conditions, biological activity and a plant nutrient balance, that has helped crops in all soil conditions produce high yields of high quality fibre, and assists the plant to combat soil diseases if present and with reduced inputs and lower overall costs.

A program for a cotton crop would be designed around the present soil fertility and firstly would aim to balance this soil fertility and promote soil conditions to provide functionally available nutrients. A program would be augmented with foliar applications to maximise photosynthesis, energy and sugar production (brix)

The following products may form part of such a program.

Revitalise - Nutrient laden Organic Carbon 78%, with 25% Humic and 13% Fulvic acids. Provides a extensive range of nutrients, improves soil conditions and water holding capacity, promotes root growth and soil biology.

PowerPhos – A biologically composted organic phosphate fertiliser 14% P & 34% Ca at a neutral pH. The phosphate is released at a constant rate and unlike acid forms of phosphate is not subject to lockup in the soil.

BioBrew Soil – Rich in plant foods, beneficial soil biology along with their major food source carbon. This promotes of a viable and diverse balance of soil biology, which will provide a rich supply of plant available nutrients and protection from soil borne diseases.

EarthBrew Humic and Fulvic Acids – stimulates bacteria and fungi that assist in nutrient uptake and disease suppression. Mycorrhizal Fungi is important in the supply of nutrients particularly phosphorus.

BioBrew Growth – A unique formulation rich in calcium and organic nitrogen balanced with phosphate, potassium and minor nutrients, plus beneficial biology. Designed to maximise plant growth and nutrient balance, while stimulating root and leaf biology. Used only in earlier plant development, up to pin head square.

BioBrew Harvest – A uniquely brewed formulation rich in phosphate and organic nitrogen and potassium balanced with calcium and minor nutrients, plus beneficial biology. The high phosphate and balanced of potassium promotes good cell division and improved boll set, growth and size, also fosters the plants natural ripening cycle.

KynoKelp DS + TE - High concentrate seaweed extract that contains natural plant hormones, carbohydrates, betaines, amino acids and trace elements. Promotes improved plant balance which results in resistance to stress brought about by a range of factors: nutritional, drought, frost, Fungi, bacteria and insects. Changes plant tissue composition to combat intruders, increases chlorophyll levels (brix). Excellent biology food and enhances micro-organisms in both soil and on leaf surface. (See trial results on wheat)

To have a consultant prepare an obligation free program for your crop simple fill out a soil audit enquiry form.