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Updated 6-May-2008

Our Mission

Save Around 30% on Your Fertilizer Costs!!At The Crop Doctor we are committed to assisting growers to develop sustainable agricultural practices and balanced fertility that will promote Healthy Living Soils growing Healthy Plants producing to their Maximum Potential providing Profitable and Enjoyable Farming. 

Of all our natural resources SOIL is
 the most important we MUST look after it

Soil is a living, dynamic organism. It functions most effectively when the physical, chemical and biological components are in a state of dynamic balance. True soil fertility, is one which emphasises the entirety of the soil, rather than simple chemical salts present therein, as the essential life-giving medium for plants. 

At The Crop Doctor we are excited about the advancements we see farmers making in the “Bio-Logical” health of their soils. We are focused on the objective to mineralize and balance our soils to provide healthy food and animal feeds, and sustain healthy profitable farms. 

We understand that today’s agriculture has many complex day-to-day issues – increasing production costs, global marketing and that accessing good and reliable information is vital to a viable and sustainable business.

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