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Crop Doctor Products

Our access to large bodies of scientific research and our partnerships with world wide companies that have the latest in research and manufacturing technologies, gives us access to a wide range of resources and technologies of available biological and chemical inputs. that will assist the man on the land develop programs that will provide a platform to quickly build long term sustainable production.

Our aim is to provide products and services that help improve production and sustainability by combining the best technologies of available biological and chemical inputs.

There need not be a conflict between conventional and biological farming methods, as we trust you have gleaned from this site, that improving soil and plant health and moving in step with nature can be a exciting, rewarding and profitable exercise that will provide the man on the land with what is usually his ultimate aim ‘leave my land in better condition than it was when I started’

Our range includes - A wide range of fertilizer blends that suit all agricultural enterprises:

  • Mineral/NPK Blends
  • Mineral Blends (BFA certified)
  • Soil Conditioners
  • NPK foliar nutrient range
  • Soil Health – products for building biologically active soils
  • Biologically digested foliar and soil products

Cost Effective, Creative fertilizers
...that work with nature not against it!

The Good News

There is not a shortage and they cost around 30% less than conventional blends.

The Crop Doctor supplies a range of fertilizer blends that are designed to replace the conventional NKP fertilizers that have been traditional used.

These fertilizers provide the distinct advantage of providing to the soil, in addition to NPK, good levels of carbon, silicate and calcium PLUS a complete range of trace elements.

Not only do these blends provide the nutrient requirements of the crop but they improve, protect and rejuvenate your soil, promoting a healthy living soil resulting in long term sustainable farming.   

We provide three (3) distinctive ranges of fertilizers:-

  1. Transition range – A range of blends for the farmer who is looking for alternatives to the currently used conventional synthetic fertilizer that will maintain or increase production and improved soil health. This range is ideal for the farmer who is keen to make the transition towards a more sustainable and biological farming approach. These blends contain mineral fertilizers plus synthetic NPK to provide a NPK ratio similar to popularly used conventional fertilizers with added benefits of carbon, silicate, calcium, trace elements and soil biology foods.
  2. Mineral blends that are suitable for a full biological or organic farming operation.
  3. Special Blends – Using soil test results, versatile blends can be put together that take into account soil types, nutrient levels, the crop and soil health. 

Below are 4 examples of our Transition Range 

Cropping Blends:

Crop Power 15
N: 10.3, P: 10.1, K: 0.7, S: 10.3, Ca: 13.2.  plus Silca, Carbon and trace elements             

Crop Power 20
N: 14.8, P: 13.3, K: 0.5, S: 1.4, Ca: 9.5.  plus Silca, Carbon and trace elements     

Pasture Blends

Pasture Power Post Graze
N: 15.49, P: 3.65, K: 6.80, S: 3.54, Ca: 6.55.  plus Silca, Carbon and trace elements 

Pasture Power start
N: 5.76, P: 10.42, K: 1.05, S: 8.04, Ca: 12.6  plus Silca, Carbon and trace elements

Nutrient laden organic carbon, Australia’s own superior soil conditioner & biology food   More Details